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Military Operations Research, Analysis and Support

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Military Operations Research Analysis and Support

Job Description

We are searching for a Senior profile highly qualified in Military operations. One of the most important tasks of our customer is to support military organizations in a wide range of activities from defence planning, support to exercise and technical support in operating theatres, for ongoing missions.

Skill, Competencies and Toolsets:

  • A university degree in military science, or equivalent education from a recognised military academy or institute, preferably equivalent to a MSc degree and supplemented by relevant postgraduate qualifications or certification in military operations with 2 years post-related experience;
  • Or equivalent to BSc’s degree in military science, or equivalent education from a recognised military academy or institute with 4 years post-related experience;
  • Detailed knowledge and practical experience within an international military organisation, mission, structure objectives, procedures and operations;
  • Having experience in the planning, preparation, conduct and analysis of military exercises;
  • Possessing knowledge and experience of the various phases of the Exercise Planning Process (IPC, MPC, FPC);
  • Knowledge in Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) driver models, interfaces with C4I systems and synchronisation with scripted events;

Activities to be performed:

  • Operational and/or Strategic level planning for joint operations across the full spectrum of military operations;
  • Develop doctrine, propose capabilities, and explore the operational use of land, aerospace, maritime, logistic and C2 forces;
  • Conduct joint mission task analysis;
  • Develop military estimates (i.e. mission statement, Commander’s Intent, situation analysis, Course of Action (COA) analysis and selection of best friendly COA);
  • Develop military planning situations description;
  • Develop analytical models to support the analysis of military capability requirements in the following areas:
    • Air and Missile Defence Command and Control (AMDC2);
    • Land;
    • Maritime;
    • Joint;
    • Command and Control (C2);
    • Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Defence;
    • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR);
    • C4ISR;
    • Logistics
  • Develop computer simulation models to support analysis;
  • Provide front-line OA support to Commanders;
  • Prepare data collection plan, observe, collect and analyse data from military operations and/or exercises;
  • Compile lessons learned from past and/or current military operations & exercises;
  • Support the development of operational views in architectures (i.e. description of tasks and activities, organisational and operational elements and information flows required to conduct or support a military function).Experience in designing exercise structure and scenarios to meet exercise objectives in the most cost effective


  • Candidate must be fluent in English
  • Location: Mons, Belgium
  • Required: Nato Secret Clearance or national equivalent

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